[small red square] Pioneers of American Motorcycle Racing [small red square]

by Daniel K. Statnekov

Author's Note

Daniel on his Whizzer 'hot rod' in 1957 As a boy, I, too, caught the "fever" of riding a motorized 2-wheeler. Fifty years later that initial thrill remains. "Pioneers of American Motorcycle Racing" is my effort to give something back to a passion that continues to enliven my life.

This book was written for the love of the sport. I hope you enjoy it.

I would like to borrow any of your pre-1935 race photos that would illustrate the text. Please write to me if you can help.

Photos on the first fourteen chapters
We would like to thank Don Emde and Jim Bollingmo Sr. and Jr. for the use of many of the photographs that accompany this book. They are from the collection of A. F. Van Order, one of the sport's first true historians. We would also like to thank Stephen Wright for permission to use photos from his book, American Racer 1900-1939.

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