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8.  1932 Harley-Davidson "DAH" factory hillclimber.

    H-D’s DAH debuted in July of 1929 at a Pittsburgh,  Pennsylvania hillclimb.  This specialized racer was produced in several versions all of which utilized the distinctive OHV 45 cubic inch motor designed to compete in professional hillclimb events.  It has been estimated that the H-D racing department produced approximately 25 examples of the DAH.  This example features the “double-downtube” frame and distinctive trailing-link fork,  as campaigned by Herb Reiber,  the runner-up in 1930 for the National Championship.  In 1932,  Joe Petrali was successful in winning the National Hillclimb Championship for H-D at Bethlehem,  Pennsylvania,  where he piloted a DAH with this type of chassis.  This racer is complete and correct in every detail and is one of only two rare examples having survived in this 1932 championship-winning configuration.

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