Collection Inventory

6.  1927 Harley-Davidson 21.35 cubic inch "Peashooter."

    In 1926,  National Championship track racing began in the U.S. for machines of 21.35 cubic inch displacement.  The H-D Company entered the new class with a single cylinder OHV motor designed in the early 1920’s by Arthur “Connie” Constantine and Joe Petrali.  The single cylinder racing model is not as rare as the special H-D racing twins;  it is estimated,  however,  that there are less than a dozen complete examples of the single cylinder factory racer known as “The Peashooter” in existence.  This duel-port example is complete and correct in every respect and displays several unusual features including a factory-manufactured rigid fork,  extra webbing on both crankcases,  as well as the factory updated duel-port cylinder head and “Baby Bosch” racing magneto original to this machine.

Installed:  April 12, 1997
Revised:  October 13, 2003