Collection Inventory

3.  1923 Harley-Davidson Banjo-Case 8-valve racer.

    Acquired from the estate of Freddy Dixon,  this is the only example of its type in the U.S.  The other surviving example of this rare and important model is in a private collection in Italy.  This engine design is considered by connoisseurs of vintage motorcycles to be the pinnacle of collectible motorcycles.  In 1921,  Otto Walker,  H-Dís team captain,  was honored by the company for his four national championship victories at the Fresno,  California board track where Mr. Walker achieved the landmark accomplishment of being the first man in the U.S. to win an official race at a speed in excess of 100 mph.  Also in 1921,  H-Dís Ralph Hepburn won the final Dodge City Memorial Day race aboard a Banjo,  Two-Cam 8-Valve almost identical to this example.  This particular engine,  in a chassis that incorporated a transmission,  achieved distinction for Mr. Dixon with its 100.10 mph lap at Brooklands.  For this accomplishment,  Dixon was awarded a gold star by the British Motor Cycle Racing Club, the 3rd such award given.

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