Collection Inventory

2.  1920 Harley-Davidson Banjo-Case, Pocket-Valve 2-Cam.

    100 point restoration.

    I discovered this landmark machine in southern New Zealand.  It is the most original of only three complete examples known to exist. Beginning in 1919,  the Banjo Two-Cam garnered innumerable victories for the Milwaukee company on the pro circuit;  and,  in 1920 at Daytona Beach,  the engine proved itself preeminent by establishing a variety of world records.  Aboard a Banjo Two-Cam  (in fact, the next serial number to this example)  Douglas Davidson became the first man in Great Britain to achieve 100 mph.  In the U.S.,  riding the same model,  Jim Davis was victorious in the first post-WWI Memorial Day race held at Dodge City in 1920.  This machine features its original H-D racing chassis along with the very rare Banjo Two-Cam engine with which it was originally supplied.  This motorcycle is the only complete,  all original example of this rare model in the United States.

Installed:  April 12, 1997
Revised:  October 13, 2003