Collection Inventory

11.  1929 Indian "Altoona" hillclimber.

    In July of 1926, Indian debuted its all new, Charles B. Franklin-designed, race motor at the Altoona, Pennsylvania board track.  The machine lapped the 1 and 1/4-mile wooden track at a speed of 114 mph and was immediately labeled the "Altoona," for the track where it first appeared.  Subsequently, several versions of the same motor were produced by the Springfield company, that included overhead and side-valve models for a variety of racing venues.

    This example is the 80-cubic inch side-valve motor fielded for that class of hillclimb.  The distinctive bronze timing chest cover is an easily recognizable and distinctive feature of Indian Altoona motors.  This particular machine is complete and correct.  It was campaigned by Sam Parriott in the late 1920's and early 1930's at hillclimbs in California.

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