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10.  1920 Indian "Dry-Lakes" factory racer with "Daytona" motor.

    In April, 1920, the Indian Powerplus motor, updated by Charles B. Franklin, entered a speed contest in Daytona Beach, Florida.  As a result of this contest, Indian claimed 8 new world records for so called "standard-valve" motors.  Subsequently, the special race version of the Powerplus motor became known as the Indian "Daytona."  Throughout the 1920ís various configurations of factory racers were built around Indian's record-setting side-valve.

    This example was originally owned and raced by the legendary rider from Southern California, Sam Parriott who campaigned it in speed trials at Muroc Dry Lake.  It is equipped with many special factory racing components such as:  special racing chassis, competition transmission and clutch assembly, and dropped racing handlebars.  The motor is complete and correct with its unique and very rare Shebler "Daytona" carburetor.

    The Indian "Daytona" is important in any collection of American racers because it was Indian's very competitive entry against the Harley "banjo," 2-cam racers in the post-1919 era.

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