Photo of Jim Davis on 1920 Harley

[Jim Davis, motorcycle racer]
    Jim Davis at Dodge City race, July 4,1920 on a 1920 Pocket-valve, Banjo, 2-Cam Harley-Davidson.

    For the 1920 Dodge City 300-miler,  Harley-Davidson elected to run only the pocket-valve version of their new Ottaway inspired "banjo 2-cam."  Following Indian sales strategy, which for years down-played the fact that their racers were powered by non-standard motors,  the H-D management felt that there was a public relations benefit to the fact that unlike their 8-valve,  their pocket-valve motor at least resembled the product that they sold to the public.

Jim Davis passed away
in the winter of 2000,
just before his 100th birthday

(which would have been on March 23, 2000).

He was a great pioneer.

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