1924 Harley-Davidson 2-Cam Boardtrack Racer

[green 1924 Harley
	Davidson 2-cam racer]
    1924 Harley-Davidson,  Factory Racer.  "Indirect-action,"  2-Cam motor.

    In 1923,  H-D changed the crankcase design of their  2-cam race motor.  Included in the change was a new timing case cover that resembled a "kidney bean,"  replacing the earlier "banjo-shaped" cover.  As in its predecessor,  the lifter blocks in the new motor were cast into the crankcase.  The valves were operated via pivoted cam followers,  sometimes called  "roller arms"  or  "lifter arms,"  which acted upon the pushrods or the valve stems.  Consequently,  this version of the H-D 2-cam race motor was known as an  "indirect-action"  2-cam.
Restoration by Brad Wilmarth
Petersburg, Virginia, USA

Installed:  April 12, 1997
Revised:  June 28, 2003