1915 Indian Motorcycle
(engine left side)

[left side of engine of 1915 Indian Motorcycle]
    This unique example of a  "Marion"  8-valve was purchased from Indian,  sometime in the 1920's,  by Waldo Korn who had ridden professionally for both Indian and Excelsior.  In the 1940's Korn sold this machine to the legendary Peoria,  Illinois racer and tuner Dewey Simms who,  until the late 1950's or early 1960's,  rode a demonstration lap with it at the famous Springfield Mile.

    On this drive-side view,  notice the  "tunnel"  fabricated into the oil tank to allow clearance for the rear cylinder's exhaust pipe.

Installed:  April 12, 1997
Revised:  June 28, 2003